Sun Energy Systems

As a homeowner, installing a solar heating system is a wise choice, but with so many solar hot water companies to choose from, it can be difficult to differentiate one system from another. Value, quality design, experience, and superb customer support are what make Heliodyne the right choice for solar water heating systems.

Installing a Heliodyne™ solar hot water system for your home has many immediate and long-term benefits.

  • Helps the environment
  • Saves on your utility bills
  • Makes you eligible for cash rebates & incentives
  • Adds value to your home

No matter what your motivation, rest assured that with a Heliodyne™ solar hot water system, you've made the right choice.


  • Heliodyne™ systems can easily operate 20 years or more without needing any serious maintenance.
  • Our solar collectors are able to withstand the harshest environments.
  • High return on your investment.
  • With available incentives, most systems pay for themselves within 4 - 8 years.
  • You will significantly reduce your water-heating bills by hundreds of dollars annually.
  • A solar hot water system will hedge the impact that rising energy costs have on your home.
  • Preserves our environment.
  • Everyone can make a difference. Installing solar hot water for your home is a proactive step in combating global warming.
  • A Heliodyne system greatly reduces your home’s CO2 emissions by approximately 30%, helping to preserve our environment for many generations to come.


  • Compared to all other alternative energy options, solar hot water is the most economical choice for your home’s renewable energy needs.
  • Federal & local incentives exist, which can significantly reduce the cost of a new system. Find which incentives apply in your area at
  • Simple and Easy Installation.
  • A Heliodyne™ system can be installed within 1 or 2 days for most homes.
  • Very little service or maintenance is required for the life of the system.
  • Once installed, the system is fully automated.
  • Added Value for Your Home.
  • Adding a solar water heater to a home increases resale value, by at least the cost of the entire system.

How it works:

A solar hot water system is really quite simple. You're using the sun's energy to heat a solar panel collector full of solar fluid (or water, depending on which type of system you install), which then transfers that heat (or hot water) into your home's hot water tank.

(1) When there is sufficient heat to be drawn from the solar collectors, a controller automatically activates pumps.
(2) Heated solar fluid is then circulated from the collector, 
(3) through a heat exchanger where its heat is transferred to 
(4) water in the storage tank.
(5) The solar fluid is then pumped back to the collector to once again be reheated. This circulation loop will continue as long as there is heat to be drawn from the collector. During times when there is little or no sun, a backup heating system will be activated to provide adequate hot water.