Commercial Products

Fleet Force Synth
A synthetic and extremely high performance diesel engine oil with fuel-saving properties

Superfleet range
A large range of high and super-high performance, heavy duty, multi-grade diesel engine oils designed for fleet operators and owner-drivers who really care for their engines.

Super Diesel Plus A cost-effective multi-grade diesel engine oil meeting the very popular API Cf-4 specification level.

Supreme Duty LE
A specially developed oil to serve the requirements of US-designed engines which are designed to meet the latest emission limits. Meets API CI-4 Plus

Super Duty range
Tough, robust and reliable: the Super Duty oils all meet API CF performance level

XHD range
Gulf XHD and XHD Plus are durable heavy duty diesel engine oils for older vehicles

Gear Oil Range
Gear products are used in manual synchromesh gearboxes, final drives, including hypoid differential drives, and there are even products for the total driveline. Key OEM approvals have been obtained on members of this very reliable product group.

Automatic Transmission Fluids
In many countries automatic transmissions are the popular choice for light and even heavy duty vehicles. This has led to the need for even more sophisticated transmission fluids.

Dieselmotive Oils
A series of engine luibricants for high-speed diesel engines used in railways. These oils come in different viscosity grades and have normal and high base levels, for handling even high suplhur gas oil fuels. They are all zinc-free formulations.