Globally, Almandine Garnet grains are the most used in natural blasting and cutting system. Being the heaviest and most resilient garnet, it can stand higher cutting speeds and maintain low dust levels. Its intrinsic physical and chemical homogeny assures superior functioning. Today, Garnet is being replaced over other blasting media due to its salient features like environment friendliness, repeatability, safety and cost effectiveness.

BLACKHAWK Garnet offers diverse products to suit a variety of applications and site requirements ranging from macro grit to micro grit. The range extends from coarse grains to fine micro grits in standard grades. An abrasive is rated best by various factors. There are the physical factors like hardness, toughness, specifications, weight, grain size and shape. And then, there are factors that influence its performance like air pressure, nozzle size, impingement angle, the nature of the impurities on the surface to be cleaned and other factors. 

At SME, we keep pace with the latest technological advancements in the industry. Our team of quality engineers carry out stringent quality control tests at every stage of abrasive manufacturing. Only the finest natural resources go into the making of BLACKHAWK Garnet. They are then exported only when the quality levels conform to the customer requirements and meets universal standards. This has helped us maintain a zero-rejection track record till date.



BLACKHAWK Garnet finds use in a wide and versatile range of applications that spans across several industries including Refineries, Chemical Plants, Oil & Petrochemical Industries and construction & maintenance of containers and storage tanks, as well as other Building industries. 

Water Filtration: 

Coarser grains of Garnet like Grade 'A+ & Grade 'A' is used in a variety of filtration applications which include Industrial Waste Water treatment and commercial water filtration. Garnet is possibly the most cost effective alternative for water filtration beds as it resets the filter bed more rapidly after the bed is back-flushed. Moreover, it is also effective for the elimination of heavy minerals. Furthermore it has the benefit of being chemically inert, recycle in resulting in longer production to Water treatment medium.

The brand is acknowledged for its high specific gravity, durability and consistent grading, which is very essential for water treatment and filtration.


Sand Blasting :

Fine grains of Garnet like Grade 'B' & Grade 'C' is recommended for blast cleaning applications. Supreme Garnet is a natural Almandine known for its natural hardness, resilience and lends itself to high performance during blasting. Almandine Garnet grains are the most adaptable natural blasting and cutting mediums offered in the international market today. Its intrinsic physical and chemical uniformity ensures superior performance. Garnet is steadily superseding other blasting media because it is environment friendly and reusable. 

The brand performs superlatively for surface preparation in the following applications: 

  • Oil & Petroleum industry maintenance, refineries, oil wells etc. 

  • Shipbuilding, repair yards, shipyards for blasting. 

  • Bridges, rail tanks, new buildings. 

  • Denim Blasting. It is utilized for stone washing of denim fabrics, offering only the fading of dye without damaging the cloth or stitching


Water Jet Cutting: 

Micro grains of Garnet like Grade #80 / # 120 are perfectly suitable for the Waterjet cutting Media in the Industrial purpose. Uniformity in grain size & shape give excellent performance for the users, Supreme Garnet is perfectly suitable for the applications given below. 

Carbon Steel  Stainless Steel  Marble  Ceramics  Road Painting 

Garnet's hardness and sturdiness result in cutting-edge quality, optimum efficiency and low economics. 


Abrasive Papers:

SME Garnet Abrasive grains are highly useful for coated abrasive which in turn are used for coating of metal, wood & other coated purpose. Abrasive Paper made out of abrasive grains are mainly used for the surface preparation application for painting and removing of the corrosion particles, which gives new life to surface preparation.



  Specific Weight : 4.1 g/cm3
  Average Bulk : 2.4 g/cm3
  Hardness : 8 (Mohs Scale)
  Garnet (Almandite) : 97 - 98%
  Ilmenite : 1-2%
  Quartz : 1/2 %
  Others : 1/2%
  Alumina  ( as Al2 O3 ) : 21%
  Iron  ( as Fe2 O3 )  : 31%
  Silica ( as Si O2 )  : 35% 
  Magnesium ( as Mg O ) : 8%
  Calcium  ( as Ca O ) : 1.5%
  Titanium  ( as Ti O2 ) : 1.0%
  Lead  ( as P2 O5 ) : 0.05%
  Manganese ( as Mn O ) : 0.5%
  Zircon  ( as Zr O2 ) : Traces
  Chloride Content :  Less than 50 ppm
  Soluble Salts  : Less than 100 ppm 
  Ph of Aqueous Medium 6.93 
  Gypsum Content  : Nil 
  Moisture Content  : Less than 0.5% 
  Carbonate Content  Traces
  Loss on Ignition : Nil 
  Metal Content  : Traces 
  (Specifically Free Iron, Free Copper and Other Heavy Metals) 
  Crystal System  : Cubic
  Habit :  : Dodecadnedron with occasional Trapezohedron
  Fracture  : Sub-Conchoidal
  Durability  : Very good
  Free Flow  : 90% minimum
  Susceptibility to Acid   : None
  Moisture Absorption  : Non Hygroscopic, Inert.
  Magnetism  : Very Slightly Magnetic
  Conductivity  : Less than 25 Microsiemens per Meter
  Radio Activity  : Not Detectable above background
  Pathological Effects  : None
  Free Silica Content : None
  • 25 Kg HDPE bag
  • 25 Kg imported Multi-ply valve type paper bag
  • 1 M.T and 2 M.T Jumbo bags
  • 40 x 25 Kg bags on shrink wrapped to pallets or to Jumbo bags
  • Special packing as per the customer requirement