Air Systems

We offer a wide range of air cleaners, air filter elements, and accessories for various applications, including:

  • Heavy-duty trucks
  • Agriculture, construction, and mining equipment
  • Industrial products -- gas turbines, portable power generation, blowers, and more
  • Small engines (up to 25 HP)
  • Vehicle cabin filtration for automotive and industrial equipment

Cummins Filtration's worldwide research and engineering teams are constantly striving to improve our product line offerings. The result? Superior-quality air filtration from high-capacity, high-efficiency air filters and innovative product technologies like OptiAir™ and Magnum RS™.

With more than 3,000 part numbers, Cummins Filtration has the widest product coverage in the market. Whatever the question, we have the answer. Our broad product line includes:

  • Standard and custom plastic air cleaners. Using plastic allows us to produce a wide variety of types, shapes, and sizes. Plastic also reduces weight and costs.
  • Standard and custom metal air cleaners for high durability in extreme environments. Also available in stainless steel, which reduces corrosion (and looks good, too).
  • Air filter elements in several different styles (primary, safety, panel, etc.) including our Magmum RS™ and OptiAir™ lines.
  • Air pre-cleaners to extend air filter life by reducing the amount of dust and/or debris that enters the air intake system.